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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our weekend visit and my visit.

I am usually on top of updating our visits on the blog but I have been a bit overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of laundry, house cleaning, church, and having our family in 2 places!
First off, the twins weekend visit here went well. They slept each night for 12 hours for which we were VERY thankful! The visit in our home helped prepare us for exactly lies ahead...a lot of love and correction and constant supervision! It was quite exhausting. I admire all the volunteers who work at casa alba, it is exhausting to keep up with the energy of all those kids! We are working on getting Gina her own room so we have room to spread out 6 kids instead of them all being crammed into one space.
They left Sunday afternoon and then I took the train to spend some time with them. I left Wednesday morning and got back at 11 pm Thursday night. I didn't care for riding the train that late at night and waiting in the train station for the train to come (it was late) but I didn't ever feel unsafe...just didn't like it.
It was good for me to have some alone time with the twins. I could really focus on explaining to them why they had to come when I called their names the first time and why they can't just pick up food or candy that they find and pop it in their mouths and why they just can't walk up to things that aren't theirs and start touching them...they didn't understand why so we just started off with "because mommy said and mommy is boss." I enjoyed having time to love on them and hold them. I was really surprise how much time Gheorghe spent sitting on my lap, quite and still letting me rock him. I love how they ask me "what is my name" and I reply "Gheorghe Joseph" and then Gina says "and mine" and I reply "Gina Grace" and they both smile real big and repeat their name. Then I love how they discuss with one another "their family" and try to list everyone's names. They are excited because they have their own closet at our house with clothes in it and they have already staked claims on which brother is theirs and the cat is Gina's. They kept asking me "are you taking us home on the train?" I missed my 4 boys at home and couldn't wait to get back to them but then I hated to leave my twins behind...very hard. I still have no idea when they will actually be in our home. We have 2 more visits until our 6 visits are fulfilled. The paper work has been turned into the court for Lidia (the director of Casa Alba) to be granted a court date so she can be granted legal guardian since their mother passed away there has to be someon to sign for them. After she is granted legal guardianship we will ask her to sign them over to us as power of attorney...that is our only chance of getting them any earlier then this summer before the adoption court date.
My parents come in two weeks. I am trying to work out child care so I can go with Baron to pick them up in Budpest. I really want to go to IKEA in Budapest and get some things for Gina's room...if I can't go I will have to trust Baron to pick out some girly stuff :).

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loukness said...

I'm so curious about Gina's room? Have you partitioned off the boy's room? How is that going to work exactly?