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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We have another appointment next Monday with the adoption social worker and the psychologist. We spoke with someone locally about the orphan situation here in Romania. She is a social worker who over sees the "maternal mothers". These are homes that are hired to care for foster kids. We found out that in our county alone there are 700 of these foster families. These families are required to take in either one handicapped child or 2 or more foster kids without problems. Most of these homes we are told have more then one child so that is well over 1000 orphans in our county alone but we are told not many adoptable kids are in Romania!! We were also told that in our county that there is an average of 20 babies abandoned each month and yet the government says there is no longer an orphan problem. The problem is the EU came in and mandated new laws that may have cut down on child trafficking a bit but they do not serve the best interests of the children many of which are growing up in unstable and many of them in unloving environments. The social worker we spoke with also has been told by her superiors to hire no more "maternal mothers" and when she asked what she was supposed to do with the babies abandoned each month she was told to track down their homes and send them back. She told us she can't do that. These abandoned babies come from homes where many times there are 20 people living in one room without heat, without running water. It is still a crisis but yet no one in governement seems to see the crisis or really care about these kids who are part of the future of Romania. Please pray that God gives us wisdom as to how to get involved in ministering to orphans and also our next step in the adoption process. We have a connection with someone who over sees 37 children ages 3 to 13 and they really care about the kids and would love to see them adopted. I have contacted her and she is talking with her superiors now about which ones are considered adoptable and we will take it from there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, little Spencer is going to an orthodontist now for his crooked teeth. He had a tooth coming in behind his fused tooth and his fused tooth was not getting loose. We had an xray of his mouth and last night we went back with the xray. She pulled the fused tooth and the little one next to it. The fused tooth was rooted to the bone and she didn't think it would have ever come out on its own and if we had waited much longer it would have been a very difficult pull. In another month we will have another xray and then hopefully be fitted for the piece that will move his teeth to make room in his mouth. He was a brave little fellow.
Also, yesterday we visited the hospital for handicapped children. There are 40 kids ages 3-18 living there. They have no contact with their parents. There are about 20 more who have homes and come just during the day. The director basically told us whatever you want to come in and do you can do it. These kids have severe mental problems. Most other orphanages we try to get in to we are told you have to go through the director of child protection, you have to have an association set up, you have to put in a request etc. The director here wants help so badly that he didn't care about all that he said come on! We will be putting in a request to work in other orphan care facilities but probably closer to when Baron is done with school this spring because he has a full plate right now and can't really add anything else. We are excited.
Next week we will meet with the social worker and the psychologist towards our adoption acceptance. We hope to go speak with a local social worker today about child placement. We know God will direct the little Howerton he wants for us to us.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things I am thankful for!

1. We had a great visit with my sister Angela and her husband Al over Christmas and New Years.

2. The boys start back to school on Monday.
3. It is getting easier for me to prepare a Sunday School lesson in Romanian.

4. Our Christmas week was so relaxing.
5. Late night chats we had with Al and Ang.
6. Jesus leaving His glorious home in heaven to come and die for my sins.
7. God's patience with me.
8. My husband and sons.
9. I am thankful that spring WILL come.
10.Angelo, our Italian friend, accepted Christ as his Savior last weekend.

11. I am thankful my grandma is a prayer warrior.
12. TGI Friday's in Budapest Hungary! (Baron is thankful for Gloria Jean's coffee).
13. Wonderful memories.
14. My friend Deb called me to get together just when I needed it most.
15. Marshmellow Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets my brother in law didn't drink while he was here!
16. When I trust in the Lord with all my heart that He directs my paths.
17. God's Word to encourage my heart.
18. God is in control.
19. My friends who keep in touch with me.
20. Packages