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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great time with our twins!

We had another whirlwind trip to see our twins. This time we had a little more time with just them. We took them for the night to stay with us. We were made aware of the challenge it will be adding 2 almost 4 year olds to our household. We were able to tell them that we want to be their family and I am sure these two who have never had a family could not really comprehend what that meant yet. Although they didn't have any trouble calling us mama and tata right away.

Kari video taped us telling them so when we get that we will post it. We were faced more with the challenge that lies ahead with 2 children raised in an institution...no matter how good an institution is it is still just that. They are well cared for but with all the different people that work there, there isn't consistant discipline. Bed time was the biggest challenge. To make a long story short...Gheorghe slept from midnight until 5:30!

The next day we spent a couple hours at the house in the big play room before we had to leave. It was a nice day so many of the kids were outside so it wasn't so chaotic. The kids would play and every now and then one of the twins would sit in my lap or Baron's lap. They would ask when they are coming home with us. They wanted to know why they couldn't come right now. We tried to explain as best we could that we just were not allowed to take them to live with us yet but very soon we hope.

I was able to talk with the director of the home and tell her we want them in placement without waiting for the adoption placement. She said sure that is fine. We will have to call her to get her to do the twins paper work and our social worker must do ours. We will cal our social worker first thing Monday morning and hopefully she can give us a time frame.
When it was time to clean up toys for lunch they immediately ran up to me and said "you aren't leaving are you?" It was very hard to leave them this time. Gina clung to my neck and I kept promising her we would be back to get her very soon. Lord willing they will be coming to visit us next weekend. I hope to have more information on Monday as far as how long it takes to get simple placement. We realize how important it is to get them in our family now and not wait any longer. They need a family. Their names will be Gheorghe Joseph and Gina Grace. We will eventually call Gheorghe Joe in honor of Baron's Papaw Joe who is really his great great uncle. Papaw Joe raised Baron's dad and quite a few other orphans. He had a heart for orphans so we wanted to share his name with our little boy!
I feel like I left so much out. It is hard to put into words everything I am feeling.
Please pray for placement to happen in record time and for us to have patience with the twins. Pray that the twins will learn quickly how to live in a structured environment and learn that mom and dad are boss! Thank you all so much for your prayers.


sarah said...

Hi, my name is Sarah I´m from Sweden (sorry if the spelling is wrong)Kari told me about the blog.

My heart is melting when i se the picture of your family and the twins, God is amasing!

I really hope i get the chans to meet you and your family becouse the twins has a big, big place in my heart and im sooo happy for them now. I love them so much and im praying so hard for them to get a family. And your family seems perfect!

if you want, pleace whrite to me and tell me about how everything is going.. sarahberglund@hotmail.com

God bless you
Love / Sarah

Jackie said...

Sorry, but I have to laugh at the bedtime ritual! I'm STILL having trouble getting both boys down...although they were going down fine until we moved halfway across the world!

Hope you get some rest... :-)