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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Church News

I have a story that I think is really neat to share. We have a family in our church who is very poor. The lady comes to church, she has 3 grown children who have some degree of mental slowness. One of the sons is married to a mentally handicapped young lady and they have 2 children. So, in one apartment you have a couple, their 3 grown children, one daughter in law and 2 grandchildren...none of them working. They only bring in the alloted amount from the state because of their mental conditions. We have in the past tried to give them odd jobs when we have them but we just couldn't keep them busy with a steady income. Well, we have a man in our church who is opening his own construction firm. He is doing some work at our house and needed helpers so we asked him to please at least on our job consider using these 2 young men. He willingly did so and has taken them under his wing. He is offering them a steady job with him, he is going to get them a work card (something that no one has ever offered them before and is very important to have here so you can receive retirment). He has given them uniforms and encourages them to "clean themselves up" so they look presentable when going into someone's house to work. What a blessing to see other Christians fulfilling God's command to love your brothers and help those who are less fortunate. The man starting the firm and helping them knows what it is like to be less fortunate. He was an orphan raised in a state institution.
It is good to see God at work!

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loukness said...

What a wonderful testament of God's grace for the slow family and for the entrepreneur! We are praising the Lord with you.

- Laurel