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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Thankful for family

After visiting a children's home this weekend it made me thankful for the home I was raised in and hopefully will be an eye opener for our boys to realize how thankful they should be for their family. The children's home is run by an American woman and her Romanian husband. It is in excellent condition and well run. There are 22 kids there and they are well cared for and loved.
I didn't take any pictures but I know we will be going back. We discussed ways to get involved in orphanages and they told us it is very hard now. We will still attempt to get into one of the places left here in town. They have closed down all big institutions but are in denial about all the babies that are still being abandoned (the government that is). All children 2 and under are not allowed in private orphanages. They are kept in an institution until they are 2 and that way the government doesn't have to "count" them as orphans because they are not in an "orphanage." Pray with us that God will open the door for us to work with orphans here in our town. The children's home we visited is only 20 minutes away and we plan on staying in contact with them and spending time with them.

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