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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camp Update

Baron just brought the last group of campers back home today! There were two teen boys from a private orphanage and six from a state run facility. He also brought back our new school teacher, Sarah Trahan. She will be teaching the three youngest this year.
Several of the kids made decisions at camp this past week. We took a total of 18 kids from the state run facility to camp this summer. Our prayer now is to be able to bring some of them to church. We can't bring them all, our vehicle only holds 10. It's hardnot being able to have to pick and choose which kids you minister to because you don't have enough help, enough space, or enough transportation. Our biggest prayer request is that the director will allow them to come to church. If this is not a possibility we will consider doing a Bible club for these kids on Saturday but we would love to get them in church. Pray that god would give us wisdom and that He would send more laboreres into the harvest field of Lugoj, Romania!

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Melissa said...

My prayes are with you. Praying for your family and all of those whom you are ministering to. I wish I could return to help you minister to the kids in the children's home.

God Bless you All,