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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Streams In The Desert

I have a little devotional book called Streams in the Desert that my sister gave me years ago. I have read it through several times and continue to be blessed and encouraged by the daily readings. This poem is from the June 2nd reading:

Take heart, O weary, burdened one, bowed down
Beneath your cross;
Remember that your greatest gain may come
Through greatest loss.
Your life is nobler for a sacrifice,
And more divine.
Acres of blooms are crushed to make a drop
Of perfume fine.

Because of storms that lash the ocean waves,
the waters there
Keep purer than if the heavens o'erhead
Were always fair.
The brightest banner of the skies floats not
At noonday warm;
The rainbow follows after thuderclouds,
And after storm.

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