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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just love flowers and gardens. I have always looked longingly at garden magazines. I have potted plants and flowers and hanging flowers in my courtyard under my grapvines but have always found that sitting in a beautiful rose garden brings such pleasure and beauty.

These are a few of the recent pictures that have inspired me lately. I began to realize I have the space for this garden. It was full of junk, old windows, glass, and old roof tile from when we tore down an old building in our yard. I kept pestering Baron asking him to find someone to haul away all this junk. Then I kept talking of my dream of some day having a rose garden and showing him pictures. Then he decided this was a good thing to do with this space and tore down the old fence on one side and took measurements and went to a man in a village that is a carpenter. He went with his measurments of what we need for a picket fence, gate, and arbor so now I will save up through the winter and Lord willing next spring we will paint and put up our fence!

This is the site of my future cottage garden. It will have a white picket fence around it with an arbor and a gate to keep the animals and children out and it will have climbing roses growing up the arbor. There are lots of beautiful climbing roses to be found here. A lady from our church loves to grow roses and she will get me some starts from people so I won't have to buy so many unless they just don't take! I already have about 4 rose bushes. My first years here I had no idea about flowers (still don't know a lot) and my rose bushes were under the grape vines so they were really weak. We finally wised up and moved them to a sunny spot last year and they are doing much better now.

I am so thankful for the house and yard God gave us. It is such a peaceful haven to have a private courtyard to come home after being out and about in a different culture.

When we were in Barcelona we visited an old monestary that was so quiet and peaceful. I really look forward in the next few years to working on this project and having a quiet peaceful place to spend time meditating on God's Word...of course it will only be quiet as long as the kids are still sleeping!

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