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Friday, October 18, 2013

Searching for Pumpkins

I decided I wanted to have some pumpkins for decorations this year. We are going to have a fall carnival for the girls from the children's home and the kids from church and I wanted some for my photo booth. Driving to Timisoara, there is a village where people sell goods from the gardens by the road side. I stopped and the little old man had 2 white pumpkins. I asked if they had any more and his wife brought out 2 more. He was surprised I wanted so many and then he asked me if I wanted to have pumpkins to last the whole winter. I told him no, they were for decorations. I'm sure he thought I was crazy....using food for decorations. Then I left the van parked there on the side of the road and ran across the street to look at another big pumpkin. The man came out and asked what I wanted and I told him I was looking for a pretty pumpkin. He looked troubled and asked if his 2 pumpkins by the road weren't pretty. I asked him if he had any orange pumpkins (so far I have only found white ones) and again, he looked like he had never before heard of orange pumpkins, but he did invite me to come look in his garden to see if I saw any pretty ones I liked! Well, I had people in the car so I didn't take the time to do that, but I got 4 white pretty pumpkins and I bought some orange spray paint :-).
I went on to do my errands with 4 pumpkins in the back of the van and I went to get the van washed inside and out and thy guy looked at my pumpkins and laughed and said I would have plenty of pies for the winter! I decided not to tell him they were for decorations. I have just kind of gotten used to being known as the crazy American lady. I'll post pictures of the final products...if they turn out nice that is!!

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