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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Descriptive Paragraph

My 13 year old, Spencer, had to write a descriptive paragraph about an important person in his life. Here is what he wrote:

     I have alot of important people in my life and I will describe one of them. My mom is a very important person. She has brown hair, blue eyes, is very sarcastic, and loves to crochet. She smells like perfume when she puts  it on. She cooks alot of food and she also cooks my favorite, cookies. She has a nice voice and sings too, but she doesn't sound good when she yells at me. She fells like something nice, I don't know what. My mom is the best mom ever.

I guess I learned from his descriptive paragraph that I should put on perfume and I shouldn't yell at him :-)!!

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