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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Ongoing Saga of Baron and the Romanian Police.

What is it exactly about Baron that makes the police in Romania desire to stop him..we can't figure it out but when we do we'll be sure and fix the problem. He still hasn't resolved the DL situation. He finally put in a request to get a new one from the state of MO and it should be here sometime next week...where is his old DL I believe that only God knows that. So, yes, he has been driving without a DL out of necessity and he has been driving the speed limit and obeying the rules of the road. He was quite shocked last night on his way back from dropping someone off at home after church to be stopped by a police..."what have I done now" was his first thought (I was not with him). The police man tells him he pulled him over because his license tag is hand written and that is illegal (it has been that way for 4 years now). He then asks to see his car papers...his car paper says his tires should be 185 radial and his tires are 195 and that is a fine plus getting your car papers taken away for 30 days or until you get the tires fixed (he has been driving with those size of tires for 7 years). Then he asks to see his insurance papers,Baron knew that his insurance expired this month and the insurance guy was coming today or tomorrow to renew it, but low and behold it had expired on the 8th of August just 2 days earlier, that would $400 fine. Then finally he asks to see Baron's DL...um well sir you see its kind of a long story but here goes, fortunately Baron had the paper with him as proof that his DL was taken and that his time had expired and he should be able to drive. So, he had a case stacked against him and he was looking at a huge fine for all of this. The police man asked Baron, "what do you suggest I do?" Baron said , "I just ask that you have mercy." So, he did and he only wrote him a ticket for driving without a DL which was about $60 but compared to what he was facing we were quite happy with that ticket! The police man was fortunately very kind and compassionate. Baron told him as he was leaving, "I will be only driving my bike until I get my license back." The policeman laughed.


loukness said...

The Lord is so good!

loukness said...

Ah yes, bicycles. The answer to global climate change and to red tape.

But does he have a bicycle license?


erin said...

My word! It is just unreal how those things keep happening! Great about the fine, though. I've noticed over here, all the Americans know that the police will try to pull them over if they have American plates on their cars, so every time we drive past the police, we are all instructed not to look at them so we won't see if they try to flag us down. I guess in this country they don't chase you down if you don't stop, or something....