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Friday, August 15, 2008

Baron rescues Joyce

So, I will first start off by recommending that no one ride an old Romanian train when it is 100 degrees outside...
I have been taking the train all summer and it hasn't been bad. When I catch the inter city train it is a newer one and even has air and clean bathrooms but they you are limited to the times they run. I started taking a train early in the morning and picking up the twins and coming back the same day and those are the older trains. Up until now it hasn't been bad because the times I have gone haven't been hot, in fact when I went just 3 weeks ago it was rainy and chilly. So, I didn't even think about the fact that it was supposed to be 100 degrees yesterday when I took the train. The morning ride wasn't so bad, I left at 5 am and got there at 10 am. The taxi ride to Marghita was a little hot...only the driver put his window down, all other window had to be up out of fear for the "current". Romanians are very fearful of a cross draft, you can catch a cold and ear infection that way. They would rather stay in stagnent, dead, hot air then feel a current.
I picked up the kids and we took another taxi back to the train station in Oradea (about an hour away). It was 4:30 in the afternoon and it was 100 degrees. Praise the Lord this taxi turned on the air conditioning! We sat in the heat at the train station waiting for a our train that was 30 minutes late. When we got on the train we were in a cabin (there is room for 8) that was full and we were sitting on the side that the sun was beating in. Someone finally closed the window so the curtains could be closed so now the sun wasn't beating in but there was also no wind at all. After about 30 minutes at the next stop all the men got off and so there was more room. At this point I begin to panic, I was hot, stuffy and we were all dreanched. I saved the rest of my water for the twins because they had drank all their juice. I started to get a headache and nauseated. I was trying to figure out where I could throw up because I had taken a trip to the bathroom with the twins and lets just say, just the sight and smell of the bathroom would be enough to make one throw up so I knew I couldn't go in there. Then I was trying to keep the twins occupied and I got to feeling so bad that I didn't think I could make it a second longer. The twins were getting riled up and so I separated them and told them mommy doesn't feel good, please just sit still and probably because they too were so hot they did pretty good at sitting. We were supposed to change trains in Timisoara and arrive home in Lugoj and I had parked the van at the train station that morning so I would drive us home. I couldn't bear the thought of another hot train and I called Baron and asked him to please meet us in Timisoara and take us home in the air conditioned car and he kindly agreed right away. So, he walked with the boys to the train station to pick up the van. He packed up the boys in the van and met us at the station with water. I was ready to cry when I saw him and realized the air conditioned car was just minutes away. I felt so bad, I was so glad he came to our rescue. We have discovered I am like my mom...I don't do well in the heat. Even today we were visiting some friends and their puppy they wanted us to see and possibly take home (yes we took him home...I'll introduce him later) and we were sitting outside in the shade and I wasn't feeling too bad ( it was 100 degrees again today) but Baron asked if I was ok because my face was all red. I am thankful we don't have that many 100 degree days...I'll just have to drive around in the car with the air on on those days :) No more Romanian trains for me until the weather cools down! The kids had a great time together in the van on the way home. The twins were also glad they didn't have to get on another train...I was really tired of hearing "cand ajungem mami", they asked that over and over and over (when are we going to be there).
So, that is how Baron came to my rescue.

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Jackie said...

Ugh! I so totally feel you! I'm the same way. I had the boys out on the pier today waiting for the sub to pull in. Every time I go out there I remember why I say I'll never go out again! I always take juice, water, more juice, and snacks. And there is NOTHING that will take away a 'heat headache' except sitting in the dark coolness and going to sleep...and of course, that's easy to do w/ kids running around! ;-)

Aren't Husbands grand :-) I tell Jason all the time he comes in handy!