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Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh where, oh where could Baron's dl be?

So, I thought about not telling this story because I didn't want to make Baron look bad as far as his driving goes but I decided I had to share it so you can share in the wonderful frustration of living here :).
So, way back when Baron's parents were here in May he got a ticket for passing on a solid line and the fine is loosing your dl for 30 days. (Now I must throw in how many of the two lane roads have solid lines and how hard it is to wait behind a car or truck going about 30 mph until the solid line becomes a dotted line and how safe his pass was but it was a solid line none the less and he acknowledges his wrong doing and has more than paid his punishment). So, they took his dl (his American one) and gave him a piece of paper that he could drive with for 15 more days and then he would have to not drive for 30 days. We heard from someone that since it was his first time getting his dl taken away he may be able to get it back early so we went to Timisoara police station where his dl was supposed to be held. We get there and the police man tells him, "oh, I'm sorry your dl isn't here. It is a foreign dl and our policy is if you don't come in within 15 days and put in a request for the dl to remain in the country we send it back to the states." Well, if only it were that simple...just sending it back to the states. So, we ask where exactly they send it to and they said well, we send it to the road police in Bucharest and then they send it on to the American embassy in Bucharest. So, then we call the embassy and they say they haven't received it and that it can take sometimes up to 4 weeks before they get it and the suggested we find out the actual date it was sent. Unfortunately the one man who can answer the question we need to know in Timisoara can not be reached by phone and we have to take a trip there to ask. He tells us it was sent June 20. Baron is supposed to be able to drive the first of July but without a dl in his hand we can't really risk him driving (the luck he has with police here he would for sure get pulled over for something and not having a dl is a big fine). He emails the embassy and explains the situation and asks if when they get his dl they would please send it to our address here in Romanian instead of sending it back to the states and they agreed that they would. Well, after staying in contact with the embassy and five weeks after the dl was sent they still didn't have it so we got the phone number for the police station in Bucharest and they tell us they mailed it to the embassy on the 8th of July...that was 3 weeks ago and they were just sending it across town. He called the police station back to tell them the embassy had not gotten it yet and are they sure they sent it and the police man was not at all surprised they hadn't received it yet...he said it is normal for it to take 3 or more weeks for something to just make it across town! So, here we sit waiting for Baron to get his dl back and rest assured he will from now on wait behind the truck going 30mph until the line is no longer solid. What we find so amusing is that this country is a part of the EU and yet something as simple as getting a dl back in 30 days is going to end up taking more like 60 or more days!!

Another frustration is the fact that the courts close down for most of July and all of August so our twins who are waiting so eagerly to come home must wait until all the judges come back from vacation before we can get a court date.

We trust that God will teach us patience through all this and to realize we can be content even when life throws us a lot of curves in our pathway and we can't see what lies ahead. We can know that God sees what lies ahead and that is enough.

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loukness said...


I am so sorry that ya'll are having to endure Baron not having his DL. I hope you get it back soon. But thank you for sharing this story. Not only will we never be tempted to cross solid yellow lines when we arrive in Romania, but we got a really good laugh out of this story.

: ) Laurel