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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Camera

Well, Zach and I went to Marghita on Monday and Tuesday to visit with the twins again. Sometimes I think it is harder going to visit them then not visiting them. They run up and give hugs and are happy to see me then when they find out I am not taking them home they give me the cold shoulder. They just don't understand...actually, neither do I! I was glad to have Zach as a traveling companion...I hate traveling alone. We took the train that left at 3:55 am. I had noticed a train passing one day in the middle of the afternoon with all the people hanging out the window to try and get some air and I thought...wow that doesn't look like fun so we decided to travel in the coolest part of the day! It was a good decision. We got home Tuesday at midnight. Gina's face continues to heal. I would love any recommendations on a good cream for minmal scarring...any suggestions??

Sadly, my Canon Power Shot SD400 Elf camera has died. It was dropped and has pieces rattling around on the inside...it is beyond repair. I tried to put a bid for a used one on ebay but my account was suspended...not sure why trying to find out. In the mean time...if anyone has a digital camera they are wanting to sell I would be interested.

The child protective services asked for yet another paper...hoping that is a sign that they aren't going to reject us and hoping and praying we hear something soon.

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Buddy and Joy Vaughn said...

Greetings from Taiwan! As I was reading your post that mentioned Marghita, it brought back memories of our mission trip to Romania in 1991. We were part of a group that were assisting in construction of a couple of different churches. Some of the work took place in Oradea and some in Marghita. I stayed in Oradea the entire time, and Buddy traveled with a team to Marghita. They stayed in a Romanian home, and Buddy had some wonderful stories to tell. I wish I could think of the name of the church. Anyway, we will be holding you up in prayer..especially regarding the adoption of those precious twins. I have been reminded lately of the verse, "Is there anything to difficult for the Lord?" Blessings to you and your family -Joy Vaughn