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Monday, April 7, 2008

Vestea Buna (Good News)

I received some "hopeful" news today. Nothing is certain until it is a done deal here so that is why I say "hopeful" and not good news. Baron left last night after church to drive to Marghita to pick up the twins. He went to Casa Alba this morning to pick them up and the social worker was there and said she wanted to talk to him. She had put in the paper work for Lidia, the director of Casa Alba, to be the kids legal guardian so they could proceed to be declared adoptable. Well, the judge told her whoever became the guardian also had to take the kids into their home. He didn't want them moving around from place to place until they were adopted. So, the solution is to re do the paper work and make us...the adoptive parents to be the legal guardians which makes perfect sense to us but many times things that make perfect sense don't happen! So, this is my miracle in the making. We could have them within a month or so...much sooner then if we had to wait for a day in court to have them placed with us in view of adoption. The legal guardianship has to happen first. Pray that the judge accepts this request and that the paper work can be put in quickly. We have to call our social worker here to ask her what we need to do since we are out of the county and the social worker there in Marghita has never done an adoption outside the county so she isn't sure what we need to do.
Just this morning in my devotion time I had told God I would be grateful if He did a miracle but that I would also be content with waiting and learn and grow through the waiting. He is good. He is good even if I have to wait. He is just good always. I don't deserve His goodness.
The twins should be here in the next couple of hours. I will take them back by train on Wed...should be fun :). Then I will return Thursday and my parents arrive Friday. Sorry mom and dad the house will not be spotless when you arrive :). We have put in a request to have them for a week, April 21 until April 28. We are waiting for a respone of approval. They turn 4 on April 22 and Easter is April 27th we would really like to have them here for both those days.
Pray especially for the twins that God would help them through this transition of leaving the only home and the only family they have ever known. We pray that we will gain their trust and love very quickly. It is a big help that they have grown so fond of the boys already. Thank you for your prayers.
We also have found out of some of the things we need to do for the American side of the adoption and it isn't cheap. Please pray that we will trust and not get anxious.

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Joshua and Laurel said...

We will pray with you that your hopeful news turns into good news!