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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rome, Italy

Our trip to Rome was fun, interesting and it also had some bad moments. It was interesting to see the old Roman sites. It was fun to eat real Italian food which was delicious and it was fun to eat a lot of ice cream. We were quite disappointed one day to be charged 27 euro for 2 ice cream cones (that is like $35). We had bought ice cream before so we were expecting like 5 euro...didn't look at the menu b/c it is just a walk in ice cream shop and when we get to the counter I just couldn't believe the price. I tried to hand the ice cream cone back to the lady but of course she refused to take it back. I just didn't know what to do I was going to be ill knowing that we were paying $35 for 2 ice cream cones. I must say it was not a Spirit filled moment, I wanted to throw the ice cream in the lady's face. I believe that the young man that waited on us just took the liberty to put all this stuff on our cone and then we were charged 13 euro per cone. Then they had the nerve to tell us we couldn't sit at their tables b/c we didn't receive table service, we went to the counter and ordered ourselves. We did not enjoy the ice cream at all!
Our next sad moment was on the public transportation...Baron's wallet was stolen. We were glad that I was carrying most of the money and thought that we had only lost $100 and Baron cancelled all our cards but today we looked at our checking account and found that the thief had managed to get out $500 before we cancelled the cards. Other then that our vacation was great :). These 2 pictures are in front of the first delicious restaurant we ate at and the Trevi Fountain.

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erin said...

Interesting, one of my cousins had a similar ice cream experience in Italy a few years ago. He plucked the ice cream cone out of his wife's hand, handed it back to the seller, told them they shouldn't take advantage of tourists like that, and took his wife and daughter and walked away.