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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Collosium

This is one of my favorite photos. There are artist everywhere. We actually bought a smaller painting of an Italian street...very pretty. This man was sitting outside the Colloseum painting. The Colloseum was quite impressive. It is amazing and it was built I belive in 72 A.D. Many slaves put their lives into building this. It was used for Christian killings for many years and for gladiator fights for many years. We also went to the catacombs. We couldn't take pictures there but it is outside of Rome and it was the cemetery for 300,000 Christians that were martyrd. It is many feet below the ground and the Christians also met there to worship. Most of the bones have been removed and are housed at Catholic churches. It was very interesting to see.

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