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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wholly Committed and Saying Yes to God!

I am doing an online Bible study with proverbs31.org and the study is about saying yes to God! I have been challenged to be wholly committed to Him in all things. I can get caught up with the every day mundane things in life and get in a comfort zone even way over here in Romania! The really interesting thing is, God is really trying to get my attention in this area because during the first week of the Bible study I was at a missionary conference in Germany and the challenge was on God's grace in our lives and how that because of His grace in my life I should reach out with grace to others...I think God is trying to tell me something!! I am learning that I have to be intentional about sharing God's grace with people. I am challenged in the area of seeing and reaching out to the hurting (I am surrounded and can become calloused to seeing this). It started this past weekend when our daughter broke her arm, instead of panicking like I would normally do, I begin to ask God to help me, to find ways to reach out to others. One way was simply hugging another mom who was crying with her little girl in pain, seems small right? Problem is, I am not a hugger :-)!! It was the middle of the night, there was another sick child and mom sleeping in the room, I really couldn't have a conversation with this mom, but a hug, that is quiet and simple and shows you care. I want to be wholly committed, which for me means, looking around me, being aware of God's grace in my life every moment of every day which makes me out of great love for Him want to reach out to others. His mercies are new for me each day, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, every circumstance, every trial, always!! Because of his mercies to me I can share love with others. It isn't natural for me, I could live in my own little bubble happily taking care of my kids, teaching them ,crocheting, but that is not all God has called me to. He wants me to say yes to Him, be wholly committed which means getting out of that bubble and being aware of what is going on around me not simply running my errands, but running my errands with the intention of seeing who God has for me to minister to. Maybe it's just a smile, maybe it's a word of encouragement, maybe it's money for a train ticket, maybe it's buying someone food, whatever it is if I am just out with the intention of getting my stuff done then I look at the other things as interruptions not a way for me to minister for God. I want to be so near to God that I can't help but see a hurt and ask God if I can help in some way. I want to have His heart, my heart is so dark and empty and cold without Him, but He fills me with light, joy, peace. Because of His light in me I can do these things, I can say yes, I can be wholly committed!

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Melanie Shannon said...

What a great post. I need to get out of my bubble and see what God has in store for me - ways to use me, opportunities to say Yes. Thank you for sharing!!