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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Funny Things

So I guess the one thing people always ask me is what is life like in Romania. It seems kind of normal to me now so sometimes I have a hard time answering this question but this week a few funny things happened that I thought you would find different and interesting.
In America, a husband can go into a flower shop and buy any amount of flowers he wants for his wife without anyone questioning him but not in Romania. In Romania, you buy an even amount of flowers if someone has died and an odd number for happy occasions. Baron went to buy me 6 roses last week and the lady could tell by looking at him it wasn't for a funeral and she said are you sure you don't want 5 or 7. Baron explained that he was American and 6 roses wasn't bad luck and it was okay for him to give me 6 roses. She regretfully fulfilled his order although she would have much rather have had him buy one less!
I am not sure what happens in a city in America if there are too many crows flying around but in Romania when there are too many, you get out your shot guns and kill them. Yes, I don't know how the recruit the men for the job but if you go to the park this week you could very well  find several armed men shooting down birds hence, it is not a good week to take the kids to the park!
Another thing I thought was really interesting was at our first of the year school meeting for Nate.  At the meeting we would be told a "rule" then after the rule was stated, the teacher or PE teacher would say, "but you do whatever you think is best." For example. The PE instructor explained the girls shouldn't wear jewelry for PE, that earrings are a risk for being ripped out but then after he explained all that he said, "but if your little girl wants to wear jewlery and you are ok with that, you do whatever you think is best."  I guess the old saying of "rules are meant to be broken" really is true!
I am very excited that Nate seems to be really enjoying school. All the kids in the class are excited to have an American who can teach them English and so they are all very kind to him. He comes home very day excited to do his tema (homework), hopefully that will last all through his school years!


Tami Jackson said...

In Russia they also have that flower rule. So much for a dozen roses!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Howerton Family" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope that this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.