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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Life As It Happens in Romania.

It started snowing last week, just a little not much. Then starting Monday night it started peppering down as my dad says! I planned to go get some packages in Timisoara on Tuesday and grocery shop with Sarah and Zach. It was snowing pretty good but we decided to go anyway. It was snowing pretty good and I grew up in S.C. so I drove slowly and fortunately so did everyone else on the road. I was amazed that I did not see one fender bender or one car off in a ditch. So, we get there, get our packages and get to the mall where the grocery store is and I went to get money out of the bankomat and it told me my bank in America would not allow me to get out money. I tried 4 machines to no avail so, after a long drive in the snow to Timisoara I drove home without groceries :-(. We got the bank problem fixed. They had changed something in their computers that tagged our cards as being used in a foreign country even though we have been doing it for 9 1/2 years, they thought it was questionable activity. So, now they tagged us as living in Romania so it shouldn't happen again. Last night was our Christmas concert. Baron went out to start his van since it was cold and found it wouldn't start. He went and asked a neighbor for jumper cables and he brought his home made ones over :). We got the van pushed out and realized that the car parked on the sidewalk was blocking us from getting my car hooked up to Baron's van and we couldn't find the owner of the car. We decided that we were running out of time and pushed it back in (which is difficult b/c your feet are slipping on the ice while trying to push a big van) and just squeeze in the small van. We decided we can't always know the reasons why things like this happen but we pray that the reason for this one is that we can get to know these neighbors better and share Christ with them. Fortunately two American families come to the concert with their vans and they helped us pick up all the people for the concert. We had a lot of visitors and were excited that 5 kids from the center for handicapped kids came with a worker.

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