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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Week of Camp Ages 7-9

The first week of camp went smoothly. Baron took 12 kids and an educator from the state run home. I will try to make a long story short. When we first went to the director about taking these kids to camp it was no problem, he was happy to have some kids be able to go to camp. Baron was upfront about the program and let him know there were teaching times from God's word...he said no problem, we like our kids to learn morals. A month later we find out that they want to send an educator each week with the kids because the kids can't go anywhere without an authorized person. The camp was not thrilled with this as it is a Christian camp and they didn't want an educator coming up there and smoking or causing problems or telling the kids they didn't have to participate in certain activities. So, the first week a lady that we know well said she would go and then if she came back and gave a good report to the director the rest of the kids could go without an educator. We finally were told the truth about why they wanted an educator to go, one of the workers is the daughter of an Orthodox priest and she found out the kids were going to go to a Christian camp and she raised stink and said we aren't allowed proselytize. They don't want kids making decisions to "join another religion" through baptism until they are 18 (it is that way for most religions here including the Baptist Union and a lot of Penticostals...kids are "saved" under their parents religion until they can decide for themselves at the age of 18). Baron explained to him that we would not be forcing anyone to be baptized in our church, especially these very little children. So, the first week went without any problems, the educator was very pleased with the program and came back with a good report so the kids all got to go with Baron this week. The kids this week are ages 10-13, some of these kids have come from very bad backgrounds and in return they put forth a toughness that is hard to break through. Please pray for these kids that after camp we will still be able to minister to them through Bible studies and activities for them.

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