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We have lived in Romania for 16 years now. We have 6 kids. The top photo of our family is the day we met the twins, just before their 4th birthday. We were granted custody of them on their 5th birthday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I don't really know where to start with this story. Today was our court date to receive custody of the twins. We put in our first request for this last May and just now got our court date. The twins have been waiting and waiting to come to their new family for all this time. We were finally assigned our court date last October and as we got closer to this day I didn't allow myself to think about the bad things that may happen. I really tried to remain hopeful and think that there was nothing to stop this from going through today but I think somewhere in me also said, this is Romania ANYTHING can happen.
We showed up at court and our case was #39 so we thought we were in for a long long wait. The social worker that works for the private foundation the twins are under was there. She went into the little court room and came out and called us in. she told us they were on case #29. Then we realized that they weren't going in order. As a lawyer walked in the room he or she would call out the case number they were there for and then the judge would call that case number. Well, the twins social worker was expecting a guy she knows from child protection to show up to present the case when all of the sudden our case is called and some lawyer stands up and says that our twins are from Marghita and therefore the case should be sent to the small court in Marghita and decided there. The judge said ok and that was that and we walked out of the room! The twins social worker was just as shocked as us. Quite frankly I didn't have feelings of love toward the whole system of people in Romania who don't seem to think about the children...I reacted with ranting and raving and tears (just being honest). I had actually told God before all this, "God no matter what I WILL still praise you." So, in the car on the way home we kept music playing and I kept saying the words over in my head and telling myself that God is good and He does care about our case. He has his reasons for allowing this and He can see the end of the story!
We went and spoke with a jurist about all this and told him we understood that it was going to be in Marghita now and didn't want to try and change that but we were interested in our file getting sent to Marghita as soon as possible so we can get a new court date as soon as possible. He is going to press them to get our file out as quick as possible. Our last file sat in Oradea for 6 months before we were given a court date.
So, what did we hear in the court room while waiting...a case of "My neighbor's dog killed my cow and 10 goats." yes, I'm telling the truth.
So, how am I feeling right now...I am just a little numb right now. Feeling especially bad for our twins who were so estatic about this possibly being the last time we had to drive them back to Casa Alba. I will continue to tell myself that God cares and that He is Sovereign and in control even though it doesn't feel like it. I will praise because He IS GOOD. He gave His life for mine..I have no right to complain.
Please pray specifically for the twins, for our file to move quickly to Marghita and for us to be assigned a new court date quickly.


Jackie said...

Oh, Joyce. I'm so sorry. I know it hurts. I just can't imagine how much. It would be so much easier if there were a REASONABLE explanation....! We'll keep praying.

Pia said...

No.... I just don´t know what to say. I am so sorry for the kids. They just need thier family. Romania is just a strange country. I am just with my praying group and since we have been praying for you and the kinds for so long we are feeling a little bit of the dissapointment even here. We will continue to pray for you!

Smiley said...

I have to words. I am sick at the thought that many in Romania seem to care more about livestock than they do about children! I have seen this first hand. My heart goes our to you and my prayers are with you. It seems that God, for whatever reason, is asking you to lay the twins on the alter and trust Him to sustain you and them. Keep praising Him and know that Hr only has what is best in mind for all of you. He is at work in this situation.
Much Love and Many Prayers,


Jackie said...

Smiley's comment made me wonder...I wonder where the county of Isreal would be today, had Abraham grabbed Isaac off the altar...? It's what I would have done!

*sigh* It's so hard sometimes to give your child to God and then to LET GO....

Laura said...

Oh Joyce, I can't even imagine how your heart must have sunk. And what a terrible disappointment (not strong enough word) for the kids - all of them.

We will be praying about the next things. God IS good all the time and He will work this out for His glory. We are seeing this in our family and we will be excited to hear of it in yours.

Many prayers for longsuffering and perseverance and love for this country to which you have been called but which also provides so much frustration. We have faith that it will also - one day- be the souce of two more of your precious children.

Hugs today!

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You will continue to watch over the twins. Keep them safe and comforted in this time. Please also give Joyce and her family peace as they wait. May the paperwork move quickly and get to the right people so a new court date can be set soon. Work in this situation for Your glory. Amen.

Hang in there. Waiting is so rough!