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Monday, February 4, 2008

My Quiet Year

Well, my quiet year is coming to a close. I know it is only February but my quite little world is crashing down around me and you know what...I am looking forward to the chaos. God has quieted my heart this year and taught me to enjoy the stillness. He has also taught me how important it is to have stillness even in the midst of chaos! So, you may wonder, what do you mean your quiet year is coming to a close. Well, for 5 years I have had a Romanian helper. A young lady named Ramona was a God send to me. She helped me with house work once a week and baby sat so I could go grocery shopping, get visas, and do all that not so fun stuff without having to tote boys along. I knew her time of working for me was coming to a close. She needed to move on to bigger and better things since she finished school. She is going to Italy for a few months to be nanny full time and save money to take exams and get a license to practice in her field over here. She left last Friday. So, it is back to full time housework (I know you all aren't feeling too sorry for me :) ). I look at it as a way of gaining a little money that we've been asking God for. Also, last year and this year I have been blessed to have a teacher here schooling my boys. This year they are going to her place for school. So, 2 boys down 2 to go. We sent boy #3 to Romanian kindergarten this year to learn the language and come out of his shell a little. So, I was left with one little guy. What fun. I have had much time to rest in God and rest in the stillness and quiet myself and learn about God this year. I have learned much about worship and being consumed with God Himself not just with what He can do for me. I have also learned the importance of being still before Him. I believe that next year I will be homeschooling the boys again and God has shown me the importance of not putting off my time with Him. I have gained so much encouragement and strength and insight this past year in my quiet times with God. Now my prayer is that when the busy overwhelming challenges come, to be reminded to cast all my cares on Him, to come to Him with my burdens, to be anxious for nothing, to find rest in God alone!
I am thankful for this year of rest God has given me. I am excited about the hustle and bustle starting up again (ask me if I am still excited next September :) ).
One gift from God to help me with this transition is this: A dear friend from a long time ago is coming in July or August and staying through February. Her husband is going to Iraq for a year so she decided to come here and hang out with me. Just like God to say even before the hustle and bustle arrives..."Joyce, I'm sending a little something your way to help ease you through the transition phase...remember don't worry, I'm in control."
Oh yeah plus the little addition of a Howerton, that will be no small adjustment. It will be a good challenge though. I am really looking forward to meeting the child God designed especially to fit into our home. We should be approved this week and then the hunt for the child is on!
I hope that you are finding joy in the little quiet moments...though they may be short quiet moments...thought they may be few and far between...hide a verse in your ehart during your 5 minutes of peace.

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CaraqueƱa said...

It's nice to have a quiet year now and then, huh? I guess that is what this has been for me with all the kids in school. Although, my heart hasn't always been quiet because my future is uncertain (for me-I know that my future isn't uncertain to Him with Whom we have to do!). Good outlook on your return to busyness! Praying for you as you hunt for Little Howerton!