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Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa came to town!

We went to the white elephant party at the college last night. Baron received an appropriate gift...a Santa mask! We had fun taking pictures! This first one is titled "I saw mama kissin Santa Claus."

It feels like Christmas now...it has turned cold but as far as I can see there is no snow in the forcast. My sister and her husband are coming in next Friday from S.C.

Tonight is our teen Christmas party at church. We will give out shoe boxes full of gifts sent from the states by the organization Samaritans purse. We received them from a friend who had some left over. We will also have enough to give out to the smaller kids at church. Our teen group is a young group ages 11 to 15.

Here is Zach in the Santa mask. Drew didn't want to put on the mask. He will have to put on his santa suit next Wedenseday for his program at gradinita. He is learning a poem in Romanian and is supposed to say it. I am using bribery...we'll see if it works or not!

Here is our little elf...Spencer. He looks more like a little elf then Santa.

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