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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Miracle!

I have been praying about our permanent residency paper work. It usually takes the whole 6 months to hear back from them and then after that you pay the taxes and wait an other month until you get your official card. So, we were looking at November before we were going to be official and be able to take in kids and I thought for sure Iona would be gone by then. Well, I had given it to God and really wasn't worrying about it. I had let God know whatever he had planned for us was ok with me. If He wants to hurry our paperwork I knew He could (and I knew it would be a miracle if the paper work got done quicker b/c everything takes a long time here) and I knew that He wanted me to trust Him. We got home from Timisoara today and Baron and I each had an envelope waiting for us from the police station....we are in the next phase...we have been accepted and have to pay the taxes and turn in something else within 30 days! So, God has hurried our paperwork a long much faster then we expected! We will be going to the hospital Saturday and I am wondering if God has also kept Ioana there for us. I know He knows what is best and look forward to seeing what child God has picked out for us. So, all that to say we could have a child in our care by the end of September! We are just excited to see what God has in store for us.
Today we went to a day center for street kids in Timisoara. My battery went dead so I didn't get very many pictures. It is really sad because even though these kids/young adults come from rough backgrounds most of them choose to be on the street and think they are "free" and don't want to work or live productive lives. Many of the young mean and women in their 20's have major problems due to sniffing glue. They can't walk very well, they have no life in their eyes, and they shake (kind of like someone with Parkinson's Disease). It is really sad. I saw one young boy, Elvis who is 14 and I still saw light in his eyes. He said he was planning on finding out if his grandma would take him in and trying to go home. I just kept letting him know that I thought he was a smart boy and could make something of his life. Working with the street kids is very hard and challenging. Most come to the center just to get a meal, a shower, and some clothes they don't really want help. We are praying about what God has for us and our church here in Lugoj.

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