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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

God's Aricle

Baron and I have noticed that in Romania there is nothing "spiritual" advertised. No religious t-shirts, no billboards, nothing to make anyone think. So, we thought it would be a good idea to rent a little space in the local paper with a thought provoking statement or question and then advertise the church. Well, the man from our church that works for the paper thought this was such a great idea that he proposed to the head of the paper that we be allowed a whole page for an article, which we thought would be quickly shunned but low and behold they liked the idea too as long as we aren't prostelatyzing (or however you spell that word). Baron has written the first article about the Bible. He has a meeting today at 12 to talk with them about it. Pray that as people read the paper the Holy Spirit will use these articles, for however long we are allowed to do this, to draw people to God and make them think about what they believe and why. We basically wanted to do something that would make someone think and maybe to draw someone who is searching.
I want to also advertise something very interesting that I saw recently. It is a 35 minute presentation and it is quite moving and I thought quite convicting.
Go to www.plow.org then click on the Ancient Paths -Holy Fire link. Then click to download the vidoe of the Revival Fire presentation.
Pray for us to do all to the glory of our Lord who is worthy to receive worship from every part of our lives whether we are ministering or playing.

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